A personal story

By Kathrin, Co-Founder of Suvi Labs.

After 3 rounds of IVF and an emotional rollercoaster ride, I had a daughter at the age of 40. For years after the birth I had what seemed like really bad PMS for 3 weeks of the month but  initially put it down to having a baby and IVF. I felt emotional, tearful, anxious, had joint pains and was increasingly not able to sleep. Since my mum had gone through the menopause at the age of 45 I went to the GP to ask for help. 

It turned out that my oestrogen levels were dropping but not enough to be classified as menopausal. The doctor was not very informed which I hear is too often the case and I was offered antidepressants as a way of help. Not wanting to take  antidepressants I went on my own journey to educate myself about hormonal imbalances, perimenopause and menopause. 

I learnt that perimenopause symptoms which can last between 4-10 years can feel just as debilitating as symptoms of the menopause. I also learnt that blood tests alone cannot establish if you are in the perimenopause as oestrogen levels will fluctuate wildly. To learn more please see

started trying out natural remedies, researched what helped other women in the same situation and visited countless alternative medical professionals including a dietician and a naturopath. At the same time I changed my diet and started to exercise more. I ended up settling on 7 different supplements that helped me with my perimenopause symptoms, especially the anxiety, mood swings, poor sleep and joint pains.  Suvi Labs combines these 7 natural ingredients (high end carefully sourced ingredients) into one formula to avoid having to buy all those different supplements and swallow 7 capsules every morning. 

I feel that I have finally made peace with where I am at and feel healthier for it too. Maybe this is my Suvi.  


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