Our Consultants

Suvi Labs has been created by women for women. Working alongside us is an amazing team of talented women who are passionate about supporting women into through life and changes ahead. 

Our Consultant Nutritionist and Dietician

Name: Ro Huntriss

Occupation: Consultant Nutritionist and Dietician and published author with clinics in Barbican and Wapping, London. Ro has years of experience in the NHS and private clinics and specialises in Women's Health. Holds masters in Advanced Nutrition and a second masters in Clinical Research. 

More about Ro: Follow on IG @dietitianro

Contact details: dietitianro.co.uk



Our Consultant Acupuncturist

Name: Jo Darling

Occupation: Jo Darling is an acclaimed women’s natural health specialist and oncology acupuncturist. 

Harnessing ancient self-care techniques including Acupressure and AcuOil (blending combines the power of acupuncture with the therapeutic effects of essential oils.) she helps her patients, around the world, to help themselves.

Her passion for the Chinese medicine principle of Yang Sheng, the cultivation of life, enables her to support her patients to eat, sleep, move and feel well through perimenopause and beyond. She has also created a product proven to reduce hot flashes. 

More about Jo: Follow on IG @menopoised

Contact details: www.menopoised.co.uk/pages/treatment


Our Consultant Life and Wellness Coach

Name: Lauren Paton

Occupation: Founder of Unleashed Coaching + Reprogramming, helping women liberate themselves from limitations, rewrite their subconscious programming and tap into their potential. With experience in supporting women in their 40's and beyond Lauren uses a combination of techniques from clarity coaching to energy psychology, NLP, meditation, visualisation and more.

More about Lauren: Follow on IG @ laurenpatoncoaching

Contact details: lpaton.com 



We are forming partnerships with more great consultants as we speak.  If you'd like to partner with us, please get in touch.