Our Story


As women in our 40s, we often feel more confident and content, having reached a form of personal success. We should have reached the most harmonious time of our lives or what we call our Suvi (‘Soo-vee’- Finish meaning Summer).

Stress or other hormonal changes can change all that and make us feel out of sync with our body and mind.

Over the past years, we have experienced and seen many of our friends suffer from stress, anxiety, brain fog, sleep disruption, lack of energy and motivation.

 We are told to deal with it, seek therapy or go on anti-depressants.  

 We figured there must be a better way.

 Part of the solution for us was turning to functional medicine.  

After a long journey and with expert advice, we combined 7 natural ingredients that all help reduce the symptoms of hormonal changes or general changes in our bodies, into one powerful and convenient formula. Adding collagen to our formula ensures that not only can we feel more like ourselves again, but also look more radiant. After all, this time of our life should be about confidence, balance and enjoyment.

This was the start of Suvi Labs. 


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